One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper (Aug 2012)

Wow.  I loved this book.  Gobbled it up.  I was at work yesterday, mourning the fact I couldn’t read it (no, librarians do not just sit around reading on the job), and even though I was queasy and should have just napped when I got home, I read and read and read until I was done.  The ending, though not a “happy ending”, is satisfying.  And the meat of the book is a meal of laugh-out-loud funniness and aching sadness, a savory blend that never has one element dominating the others.  One reviewer has noted that Tropper just “gets men”.  Although as a woman I will likely never get men to anyone’s satisfaction (though not for want of trying), I feel like I get them a little better after reading this book.  I even feel like I understand my ex-husband, baffling soul that he is, a little more (disclaimer in case he’s reading this: you’re NOT like the main character in the most obvious sense).  This is a great read for anyone who has ever screwed up and lost a relationship (isn’t that all of us over the age of 16?).  Tropper’s insight into people’s train of thought is remarkable.  There are so many “yes, you’re right” moments.  Here’s an example:  “Usually she hates it when her pity for him interferes with her anger, and she compensates with extra nastiness . . .”  Think about that for a while, and you too will realize the insight of that observance.  The book is full of them.  But it’s never didactic in any sense — it just flows, and the fabulous humor keeps you flowing right along with it.  Until you reach the end and you sense a shift in your overall understanding of humanity.  You have to love when books can do that.  Galley provided by BEA.


About Cheryl McNeil
I am the User Services Librarian at the Orangeburg Library in Orangeburg, NY

One Response to One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper (Aug 2012)

  1. john851 says:

    What a terrific, thoughtful review. I will definitely add this to my “must read” list.

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