Comet’s Tale by Steven D. Wolf (Oct 2012)

This memoir is above all about living with a sudden and unexpected disability and chronic pain.  It is almost as fully an account of how much a dog can ease pain and disability, both psychically and practically.  And it is also an illustration of how tragically a change in physical wellness can nearly rip to shreds the health of family relationships.  In the end, “Wolf” and his dog save each other and their family.  I kept thinking throughout the book how easily I or someone I love could get disabled.  “Wolf” was a triathalon athlete at 42 when his condition reared it’s ugly head.  I understand a little better now what being cut down in your prime can mean.  I’ll be looking into long-term disability insurance.  I’m also now in love with greyhounds.  My husband isn’t yet sympathetic, but I think, like “Wolf”, he just needs to meet one, to look into her doe eyes and see the quiet, calm intelligence.  They’re incredible dogs.  At least Comet certainly was.  There were about 40 pages in the middle of the book that I thought could have been more heavily edited.  But the overall read was worth it.  Galley provided by Algonquin Books on


About Cheryl McNeil
I am the User Services Librarian at the Orangeburg Library in Orangeburg, NY

2 Responses to Comet’s Tale by Steven D. Wolf (Oct 2012)

  1. Ricardo Toro says:

    Beautiful, moving book.

  2. it was fantastic and amazing what dogs and humans can do when given hope andlove.I have had rescued greyhounds in my home for a long time!

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