A Working Theory of Love by Scott Hutchins (Oct 2012)

ImageWhat an original story!  It’s a romance, but my techie-scifi husband is even saying it’s on his list to read.  It should definitely appeal to men and women equally.  The main character is a man in his thirties, floundering in many ways after his divorce and his father’s suicide.  He’s got daddy issues (join the club!), and he ends up working on them not with a shrink, but with the incarnation of his dead father in an artificially intelligent computer that has all his dad’s diaries inputted.  It’s a weird premise.  But for all those who think that’s too weird and not in their realm of interest, don’t worry.  It never gets really techie.  Because the technology isn’t the point.  The philosophy of what it means to be alive is.  How we figure out what’s wrong with us, and what we do about it.  How we manage to connect with other people in spite of ourselves.  This is really a wonderful book that should appeal to a wide audience.  Highly recommended.  Advance readers copy provided by BEA. 


About Cheryl McNeil
I am the User Services Librarian at the Orangeburg Library in Orangeburg, NY

One Response to A Working Theory of Love by Scott Hutchins (Oct 2012)

  1. john851 says:

    Your reviews are always great, Cheryl! What an intriguing tale this sounds like. Thanks for the tip.

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