The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst (Aug 2012)

OK, I have to admit I read this in one day, while my child was home sick.  Devoured it.  But that doesn’t mean it’s a great book.  It’s a good book, entertaining, and for the most part, it didn’t make me say, “Oh, puleassse . . . .”  The premise is that a young woman desperately needs money to help her family, and a handsome young billionaire has to meet the stipulations of his uncle’s will:  he must marry in one week if he is to retain ownership of his bequeathed company.  They can divorce after one year of marriage.  The two were childhood friends, but on the surface at least, despised each other.  After they marry for their emphatically unromantic reasons, the romance becomes irrepressible.  If you want to escape with a better than average romance morsel, pick it up.  There are patches of mushy, cliche language; and Probst’s editor needed to take another look at details that don’t always match up (e.g. why would the protagonist, who is best friends with the billionaire’s sister, ask the billionaire whatever happened with his father?  She would already know the answer, through the sister).  But if you can let those things ride, you’ll have fun.


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