Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed (March 2012)

My own name is Cheryl, I grew up hiking and skiing in areas the Pacific Crest Trail passes through, and I have fantasies of one day spending several weeks backpacking with my husband on a trip about a tenth the length of the one Cheryl Strayed took and wrote about in this memoir.  But that isn’t really why I listened raptly to the audiobook every minute I was in my car recently, and thoroughly related to her experience.  Cheryl Strayed is simply a great writer.  I think one of the reasons so many people — and so many different kinds of people — have read her book and loved it, is that Strayed’s well-crafted and illuminating prose succeeds in bringing the personal and very particular into universal applicability.  This is a memoir about being a human being.  So even if you hate spiders and love hot showers and wouldn’t dream of spending one night — let alone close to 100 — in a tent . . . you’re still walking, every day, a journey that in many respects probably looks similar to Strayed’s.  In reading about her journey, she will undoubtedly illuminate your own.  Highly recommended.


About Cheryl McNeil
I am the User Services Librarian at the Orangeburg Library in Orangeburg, NY

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