Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray (May 2012)

Although this book got a good review, I wasn’t sure the premise — that a middle-aged woman goes invisible — wouldn’t try my patience.  When I’m required to suspend my disbelief, I often prefer to do it whole-heartedly, as is required when reading paranormal romances, for instance, or science fiction.  This book is more realistic fiction, except it’s not, because certain women disappear from view.  On the other hand . . . it’s true to life.  Is it not the case that, once we reach our fifties, people seem to notice us less?  In spite of misgivings, I was swept into the story within the first few pages, and my engagement did not falter.  The metaphor of invisibility and women did not, in fact, wear on me.  On the contrary, I was surprised to find that the author’s exploration of this cliche was fresh and insightful.  The writing is very good.  A fast, but thoughtful, read.


About Cheryl McNeil
I am the User Services Librarian at the Orangeburg Library in Orangeburg, NY

One Response to Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray (May 2012)

  1. john851 says:

    Thanks for your great review, Cheryl. I really liked this author’s “Julie and Romeo.” I will definitely give this new book a try, based upon your comments.

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