The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male by Jessica Clare (Oct 2012)


I was pleased for the first half of the book that this “romantica” (read: romance of the hot variety) title had a decent plot leading up to the activities that need no real plot to be enjoyable.  The characters were likable enough.  But then, when the aforementioned enjoyable activities commenced, they didn’t seem to stop.  It was so exhausting, I found myself actually skipping over two sex scenes so I could get back to half-way normal conversation.  I guess there are people for whom the timing of said activities might be realistic.  It just made me tired.  And I’m afraid the main female character got on my nerves after a while.  She just seemed too clueless and passive about the turn her business took, in spite of all her “Miss Independence” talk.  Ah well.  I finished the book.  That’s better than what happens to most romance novels I pick up.


Undercover Alliance by Lilly Cain (June 2012)

I was given the galley by Carina Press on NetGalley, and did not immediately begin reading it. I thought, a romance between a human and an alien is intriguing, but, well, kind of weird. Maybe not my cup of tea. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Lilly Cain is a good writer, and the book never sinks into romance genre slush of “feelings” verbiage. Romance, and sex, are the point, but there is a decent plot. At only one point did I think there was a string left dangling, and if you pulled it the plot might unravel. No one’s perfect. But the sex was pretty close. And not overdone. It’s not like the characters spent all their time in bed, exhausting not only themselves but readers’ credulity as well. It was believable. Even though it was alien. An accomplishment indeed. I will be buying the other two books in the Confederacy Treaty series. I received Undercover Alliance for free, but I’m more than willing to pay for the other two downloads, now that I’m acquainted with Cain’s writing. And I’ll be buying the one paperback of hers that seems to be available — Dark Harmony — for my public library.

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