Archetype by M.D. Waters (Feb 2014)


I loved this book. It’s futuristic, dystopian, scifi that should attract even those who, like me, don’t normally get into that genre.  I’m dying to read the sequel, Prototype, coming out next summer.  What I really like about this book is that you’re never really sure exactly who’s the good guy, and who’s the bad.  And with the bad guys, you’re not sure exactly how bad, or if the bad bits are actually kind of good.  There’s also romance, which is a plus on my checklist.  But again, you’re not sure whether the love is well-placed.  I’m reading another book, Parasite by Mira Grant, that reminds me a little of Waters’ Archetype, in that both deal with medical advances, and what they could mean for our future.  Corporate medicine, pharmaceutical giants, loom large — and don’t they loom large in our own lives lived off the printed page?  This real-world connection makes it easy to relate to and get absorbed in these fast-paced novels.  Hooray for M.D. Waters!  It’s too bad you’ll have to wait until February when it comes out — but put it on your list today!  Advance Reader’s Copy provided by Penguin.


Undercover Alliance by Lilly Cain (June 2012)

I was given the galley by Carina Press on NetGalley, and did not immediately begin reading it. I thought, a romance between a human and an alien is intriguing, but, well, kind of weird. Maybe not my cup of tea. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Lilly Cain is a good writer, and the book never sinks into romance genre slush of “feelings” verbiage. Romance, and sex, are the point, but there is a decent plot. At only one point did I think there was a string left dangling, and if you pulled it the plot might unravel. No one’s perfect. But the sex was pretty close. And not overdone. It’s not like the characters spent all their time in bed, exhausting not only themselves but readers’ credulity as well. It was believable. Even though it was alien. An accomplishment indeed. I will be buying the other two books in the Confederacy Treaty series. I received Undercover Alliance for free, but I’m more than willing to pay for the other two downloads, now that I’m acquainted with Cain’s writing. And I’ll be buying the one paperback of hers that seems to be available — Dark Harmony — for my public library.

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